UCSF Stone Course 2017: Advances in the Management of Nephrolithiasis

Under the theme "Advances in the Management of Nephrolithiasis," Dr. Chi and Dr. Stoller held the second UCSF Stone Course during April 13-14, 2017. Almost twenty endourology/laparoscopy fellows and serior residents from all around the country gathered and learned tips and tricks for all endourologic procedures. They also exchanged their opinions in different topics and built a great connection among the young endourologist generation.  


Dr. Chi and Dr. Stoller gave a dinner reception and an informal talk to all attendees on April 13, 2017.  

On April 14, 2017, Dr. Stoller gave a lecture "the Role of Calcium in Calcium-based Stones." 

Dr. Chi gave a talk about his experience in ultrasound-guided PCNL. 

Advances in Flexible Ureteroscopy presented by Dr. Taguchi

Hands-on training in ultrasound-guided PCNL with Dr. Chi 


"Melon" model for targeting and dilation

Various types of hands-on model for flexible ureteroscopy